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Jones Conducted by Viswa Subbaraman.


Jones, has generated the most attention, for tackling roiling issues of race and inequality. This raw, engrossing work looks back at the deadly incident when Philadelphia police, following several fractious standoffs, dropped bombs on a rowhouse that housed Move, a group of black separatists.

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Rather that revisiting the incident directly, the opera depicts a crisis in the lives of five North Philadelphia teenagers in , runaways who form their own family. They take refuge in an abandoned house that turns out to be the former location of Move, inhabited by slinking dancer ghosts. Roumain skillfully folds gospel, funk, jazz and contemporary classical idioms into the score. In August of , a group of right-wing extremists held a rally in downtown Seattle. A diverse coalition of Seattleites mounted a several thousand-person counterprotest at a nearby park.

Our plan was to march on the right-wing rally, overwhelm them with our numbers, and force them out of our city. That protest was a microcosm of the political situation we face today. The vast majority of Americans want a more equitable, inclusive country; but a small group of right-wing extremists have seized power.

What Does "We Will Not Be Moved" Mean? Howard University Used It To Protest James Comey

We have the numbers, so we have to stand our ground — no matter the risks — and keep marching forward until we reclaim our government. Music is one of the most valuable and underrated tools that organizers have to activate and coordinate movements. The police had other ideas. Woman leading sitting protesters in song: pic.

Instead, they had to disperse the extremist group because we had them so vastly outnumbered. As I thought about this parallel, the lyrics and melody of this adaptation began pouring out of me.

We shall not be moved

I am deeply grateful for the leadership of my colleagues, Maurice Jones Jr. And we are not backing down And we shall not be moved! We shall not be, we shall not be moved.

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This is an adaptation written by Tae Phoenix. This is an adaptation. All artists draw inspiration and influence from one another across cultures.

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Capitalism and white supremacy have perverted this natural artistic interplay, leading to a centuries-long pattern of white artists co-opting and monetizing the work of black and brown artists without recognizing, advocating for, adequately paying, or accepting leadership from the originators of the work. This project is a collaboration between artists from multiple intersecting backgrounds specifically designed to break through that pattern by:. Harriett G.