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A reflection on brand endorsements, big time promoters and a turn of phrase. A reflection on the genre in the present day..

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Social conditioning, disinterest or strength in numbers. Is there a change in the air once more? Does vinyl require a safeguard? SHARE :. View From The Side: Is it time to change the way that we look at rave history? View From The Side: What is truly underground? View From The Side: Has house music lost its soul? Also try Tesco Metro or Sainsbury's Local minimarkets, especially around 5pm when stuff is going off.

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My earlier post on pork pies just past their sell by date may have helped ecconomy minded visitors to London last month. Equally they may now be suffering from scurvy and general malnutrition. Churches are usually free to look around, try St Bartholomew's, it's good historic structure and fine film set, no less. You can visit Westminster Abbey or St Pauls free of charge if you head over on a Sunday morning wishing to praise God.

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Live free entertainment is provided afterwards at Speaker's Corner. My favorite freebie is Parliament. If you are arriving in June before summer recess just pop along to St Stephens Gate by Richard the Lionheart's statue, Monday to Fridays and wait to be called in.

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You can view the lively antics in the House of Commons then over to the House of Lords where most of them will be asleep, and down into the 11th century Westminster Hall to explore that before leaving. All this can be done without it costing a penny, never mind a King's Ransom.

There is a certain irony to that statement as Richard the Lionheart's ransom at one point was the entire country of England I wonder what that would be in today's prices? I also, truly, believe that the best things about London are free -- or nearly so:. Hyde and St James Parks.

Views along the Thames , including from the bridges. Hanging out in the public squares etc Leicester , Soho,. Cruising neighborhoods, markets Portabello, Camden.

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  • London Walks at www. I would personally also include the London Eye and tea at The Orangery. How long will you be staying, and how many will be travelling? Very likely your biggest expense will be lodging - and there have been plenty of discussions about it on this site.

    London is very expensive, and it's interesting how some establishments describe themsevles as two or three star places, whereas in reality they're grubby, cramped and damp. The reviews for hotels listed between on the London Hotel list here make for v fascinating reading. Having said that, there are plenty of decent, clean places where you can have a comfortable stay - but you'll possibly have to pay GBP for two more per night than seems reasonable at first glance.


    As henneth said, most museums are free, and if you don't feel like you have to see the entire thing, you can go, visit a gallery, then head off for another site. There are plenty of markets, and in June the Borough Market should be bursting with early summer fresh foods - yum. Stroll along the King's Road and get some local Chelsea colour; use your Travelcard a three or seven day Travelcard will be one of your best purchases to take the DLR to Greenwich , and hang out by the river; if the evening concerts at Kenwood Hampstead Heath have started, they're a great way to enjoy a warm evening out of doors.

    Hey, look on the bright side. I've just heard on the radio that London is the seventh most expensive city in the world to live in. Could be worse - you could be going to Tokyo, Osaka, Oslo or Paris , which I think occupied the first four places. What about reframing your question along the lines of "As I'm going to save lots of money by not going to Tokyo, what should I spend it on in London? Please enable JavaScript before proceeding:.

    Man kidnapped and held to ransom by violent gang in south London

    Internet Explorer. Available for download. Not available in stores. He studied law before turning to journalism. He was known as one of the leading writers of detective fiction in the Golden Age.

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    This edition offers for the first time one of his last and successful works in a digital format - a compelling story rich in plot twists. An evergreen classic worth rediscovering. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:.

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