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Seeing the class full of people younger than myself, I knew immediately that I, at twenty-eight years old, no longer belonged in a class of young adults in their late teens and early twenties. The next Sunday I found my own way to another class. The time passed quickly and I felt comfortable. As class ended, a sister approached me and introduced herself.

My heart sank, but I smiled and thanked her for her concern. How could she know how awkward and insecure I felt as a new member in the ward, longing to find my own niche?

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Where do I belong? I kept asking myself as I drove home from church that day. Tears streamed down my face as the words square peg in a round hole kept ringing in my ears.

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I knew the gospel was true, I knew I wanted to attend my meetings, but why did I have to feel so lonely, uncomfortable, conspicuous? That second Sunday in my new home found me tearfully pleading with my Heavenly Father to help me find my spot, my little place where I could fit in and be of some use to someone.

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I was trying to be worthy of my blessings, and every day I prayed for help to adjust to my new home and graciously accept that I was still unmarried. Prayers are answered, often without our realizing it right away. I started enjoying things that I had not really enjoyed before: baking, home decorating, flowers, books, new friends, new challenges in my church and profession.

The bishop called me to direct the ward road show, and I met people in the ward. Soon I found myself leading the music in sacrament meeting and teaching the cultural refinement lesson in Relief Society. Though I was frightened each time I taught, I loved it.

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