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Abstract With the increase in production from shale oil and shale gas in North America during the last decade, many studies have been conducted in order to improve our knowledge from organic rich shale plays. Introduction After the commercial boom of unconventional reservoirs in North America during the past decade, exploration of unconventional shale reservoirs has increased significantly.

Samples and measurements Upper and lower members of the Bakken Formation are organic rich shales, and middle member is a mixture of carbonates and clastics. Well D cm-1 G cm-1 G-D cm-1 1 2 3 Well E GPa 1 2. Component Well 3 Well 5 Alginite 0. Results and discussion Systematic changes in band position, band separation, band full width at half maximum height for carbonaceous materials as a function of thermal maturity has been studied and well documented. Conclusion In this study, samples were taken from six wells in the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin.

Based on this study, following items can be concluded: Band separation of Raman major band signals can be used as maturity indicator. S1 from Rock-Eval was very well correlated with D band in Raman signal as an indicator of disorders in structure of organic matter molecule.

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S2 from Rock-Eval also were correlated with G band in Raman signal as indicator of aromaticity of organic matter molecule. Acknowledgment The authors wish to thank Dr. References Abarghani, A. International Journal of Coal Geology. Aghajanpour, A. Full waveform acoustic data as an aid in reducing uncertainty of mud window design in the absence of leak-off test.

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International Journal of Coal Geology , Dietrich, A. The impact of organic matter on geomechanical properties and elastic anisotropy in the Vaca Muerta Shale. Colorado School of Mines.

Introduction to XRF Spectroscopy

Arthur Lakes Library. Espitalie, J. Rock-Eval pyrolysis and its applications.

IR Infrared Spectroscopy Review - 15 Practice Problems - Signal, Shape, Intensity, Functional Groups

Ferralis, N. Rapid, direct and non-destructive assessment of fossil organic matter via microRaman spectroscopy. Carbon , Ferrari, A.

IR spectroscopy of coal 2. Analysis of ash content from the difference spectra of minerals

Interpretation of Raman spectra of disordered and amorphous carbon. Physical review B 61, Han, Y.

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Tensile mechanical behavior of kerogen and its potential implication to fracture opening in kerogen-rich shales KRS. Kelemen, S. Direct characterization of kerogen by X-ray and solid-state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance methods. Maturity trends in Raman spectra from kerogen and coal. Keown, D.

Journal Highlight: Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of coal: a review

Khatibi, S. Evaluating Single-Parameter parabolic failure criterion in wellbore stability analysis. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 50, Raman spectroscopy to study thermal maturity and elastic modulus of kerogen. Kivi, I.

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Chemoporoelastic characterization of Ghom shale. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering , An intelligent approach to brittleness index estimation in gas shale reservoirs: A case study from a western Iranian basin.

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Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 44, Kumar, V. Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Characterization of coal tattoos by Raman spectroscopy.

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Reich, S. Raman spectroscopy of graphite. Rouzaud, J. Structure, microtexture, and optical properties of anthracene and saccharose-based carbons. Carbon 27, Photoluminescence Microspectrometers Photoluminescence Microspectrometer : an instrument designed to measure the fluorescence, photoluminescence, and emission spectra of microscopic samples with excitation in the UV, visible and NIR regions. The following links have more information: What is a Microspectrofluorometer? Raman Microspectrometers Raman Microspectrometer : an instrument designed to measure the Raman spectra of microscopic samples.

Featuring alignment mechanisms and capable of working with UV, visible and NIR lasers, the option has applications in many fields. Designed for use with CRAIC Technologies microscopes and microspectrometers, they are housed in both rotating and fixed holders. What is a Spectrophotometer?

What is a Microspectrophotometer? What is a Raman microspectrometer?