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Montgomery is an infectiously enthusiastic writer who could get you excited about anything. The book also gives great insight into the behind-the-scenes work needed to run a world-class aquarium, and the magic of diving on coral reefs in search of wild octopuses.

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Have you always wondered how an utterly alien intelligence might think? Read on! This insightful book was co-authored by some of the most influential researchers around. Underlining and highlighting, rereading, cramming, and single-minded repetition of new skills create the illusion of mastery, but gains fade quickly. More complex and durable learning come from self-testing, introducing certain difficulties in practice, waiting to re-study new material until a little forgetting has set in, and interleaving the practice of one skill or topic with another.

Speaking most urgently to students, teachers, trainers, and athletes, Make It Stick will appeal to all those interested in the challenge of lifelong learning and self-improvement. He offers great insight into how and why you can broaden your network, and how important it is to open your mind to those who are different from you, in background, training, outlook, or ideology.

A nice book also for audio listening. Rimbeaux, which comes complete with three bean bags for juggling. So recently, Barb picked up another copy of Juggling for the Complete Klutz and its accompanying bean bags and began to renew her juggling skills. Fantastic book! An honest, forthright, deeply thought-provoking book about what an education could and should be. Audio version read by Laura Sandefer herself. Our tendency is to focus on obviously disadvantaged kids coming from poor families. That can be a mistake, says author and practicing psychologist Madeline Levine, who works in affluent Marin County, California.

Consumerism and focus on achievement can produce depressed, anxious, angry and bored teenagers who suffer from high rates of drug use, eating disorders, and suicide. Sometimes, in fact, the seeming poor can have far wealthier internal lives. Levine offers great suggestions for the advantaged to help them avoid common parenting pitfalls involving intrusiveness and autonomy.

King has sailed through it all—including his near lethal run-in with an out-of-control car. Renie was a smart, independent career woman.

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When she retired, to her surprise, found herself unable to afford to live independently. The reason? As it turns out, putting away a little each month beginning relatively early in your career can make enormous improvements in your life, and the lives of your family members, as you grow older. John Schwartz tells you how to get your financial life in order, no matter what your age. If you want to do the best you can long term for yourself and those you love, you owe it to yourself to read this excellent book. Also nice on audio. Now, forty years later, Bridgewater has made more money for its clients than any other hedge fund in history, and grown into the fifth most important private company in the United States.

This means, at least in part, being aware of your internal signals of annoyance, anger, or irritability—which are all signs of close-mindedness. You can use those internal signals to trigger quality reflections. We have often used radical open-mindedness even in our research—for example, we send advance versions of our research papers to people we know will dislike our work. It is a deep book of productivity that gets at the essentials of your life. Even if you have no interest in business, the book is worthwhile for its insights into contrarianism and creativity.

Barb has used this book for years to teach basic ideas of engineering to ordinary non-engineering types. Although Dr. Bloomfield would have no memory of it now, about a decade ago, Barb was able to visit and tour his fantastic physics demonstrations at the University of Virginia. These puppies are amongst the most effective sound protectors available.

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A great strength of this book was its broad coverage of prodigies of all sorts—from computer programming savants like Bill Gates to dance and acting prodigy Shirley Temple. Some parents with extraordinary IQs, for example, have pushed their children in bizarre ways—with often disastrous results. Other parents have wholeheartedly devoted their lives to the children they wished to make into prodigies, only to find little solace in the long run.

Somehow through all this, the book provides healthy encouragement for ordinary, non-savant types. There was a disconcerting tendency through the book to switch between prodigies even mid-paragraph, but otherwise, highly recommended! Sarah Levitt has written a book to help leaders better understand how other leaders wend their way through the difficult, sometimes lonely path of great leadership: A Book for Magnificent Leadership: Transform Uncertainty, Transcend Circumstance, Claim the Future.

Through interviewing successful leaders, Sarah has laid out guidelines that others can find useful. Sousa, now in its fifth edition , which was recommended to us as a top neuroscience-based book on learning.

Do You Know Who You Are?: A Comprehensive Manual for Everyday Life

There are so many books to help teachers understand how younger students learn. But you may be surprised to learn that there are virtually no books for those students themselves, or for their parents. The funny but deeply informative pictures alone are worth the price of the book. We make it a practice to ask people about their all-time favorite book. So we finally broke down and read it.

This book, incidentally, has been on the New York Times best-seller list for weeks, and has over 7, Amazon reviews with a 4. Walls experienced, along with her brother and sisters, a deeply dysfunctional upbringing. The audiobook is read by Walls herself—you may be able to get two free audiobooks through this link.

Highly recommended! If you are in any way involved in education, or you think education is important as we do!

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But unlike The New Education , The Case Against Education is rigorously argued, and it will force you to examine the premises of your support for learning. Strongly recommended. The eloquence and intelligence with which Gatto vivisects the modern K world makes the book a very worthwhile read for anyone interested in education; it is particularly worthwhile for parents. Highly recommended. We went into this book with high hopes—Davidson characterizes herself as a contrarian instigator with provocative new ideas about how to revolutionize higher education.

Her ultimate underlying recommendation for improving universities? Throw more money at them. No wonder academicians love her despite her self-proclaimed contrarian stance. How readers would have benefited by seeing a profile a student like Tulio Baars , who has taken over MOOCs to self-educate and used that knowledge to found an innovative new data analysis company! This is one of the few books we are reviewing without recommending. Education and the State , by E.

We believe this is one of the most important books written in the last twenty years. Audio book here. Peterson, with his wonderfully listenable accent from rural Canada, reads the audio version of his book. You may be able to get two free audiobooks through this link. Covey actually read the Audible version of his book. There is a reason this book has been translated into 32 languages and has sold over 5 million copies.

It is one of our personal, life-changing favorites—a synthesis of timeless principles for personal effectiveness that focus on character, rather than technique. The stories he uses to convey key ideas help the ideas resonate unforgettably. We only wish that Dr.

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Covey were still alive to do a MOOC! He goes into the nitty-gritty of travel, preparation, and what it feels like to be on stage, plus tips on calming down about verbal flubs and the like. We were astonished to find a CEO who is the real deal as far as caring both for his customers and the employees of his company.

Also includes interesting perspectives on quantum computing and artificial intelligence. This is basically a compendium of workaholic work habits of a number of famous writers and artists. In one way, the book was a little unsatisfying, because most of the descriptions of people work habits were very short.

On the other hand, the brevity of the entries is part of what made it such an intriguing book—Currey breezed through the lives of dozens of creative people in a way that allowed us to quickly glean key ideas from a lot of different people. It was gratifying to learn that many writers are bothered by noise, just as we are.