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A good mix of weapon types, magic user, assassin, hulk, heroes and a swarm latter not SLM but I think GW — should do for any decent skirmish warband or the hub for a larger force to grow out from. See previous posts about 20mm Woodland Warriors for comments on the adaptability of these guys for use in 15mm or 28mm settings.

As you only mention the Woodland range. If yes how do they compare to the Copplestone ones?

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Note to self — Start painting Copplestone minis! Yes I do.

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They are a lot smaller than these Woodland rats. To license for full use, please add to your bill. Editorial use - print, online, and broadcast; personal use.

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Alongside the rather larger Demonworld range, these are easily amongst my favourite miniatures. Years later and I have gotten around to a couple of the other packs I picked up from Mr Copplestone when he was still selling these directly — the range is now available from Northstar.

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I painted them up previously and can be seen here. Little point of note — it has come to my attention that Angel Barracks who formerly produce some very fine 6mm stuff has turned his attention to 15mm Conan and has started to create an impressive range. Should that be your area of interest I suggest you pay him a visit. I will be at some point when painting queue permits.

A pre-dawn tornado splintered nearly half of Seminole, Texas,...

These rather sinister fellows are small in number and intended as the core of a skirmish force for the likes of Frostgrave, Song of Blades and Heroes or similar skirmish level games. Obviously they can do double-duty as a general and heroes in an undead army. They come from Splintered Light Miniatures. Not true.