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They can work in local markets but may also travel to find work, especially when local work is scarce or not available.

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If you're a traveling mason, you probably do make a little extra money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects In that period, an estimated 9, jobs should open up. How We Rank Jobs. In addition to on-the-job training, brickmasons and blockmasons can acquire valuable skills from training programs at technical colleges. Many complete rigorous apprenticeship programs that are free to apprentices thanks to employers and unions that foot the bill.

They usually last three or four years and require at least hours of classroom training annually and 2, hours of on-the-job experience.

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Apprenticeship experience often sets the stage for a prosperous masonry career. The guys who go through the apprenticeship program tend to become the foremen and the superintendents, and they tend to go on and become owners of masonry contracting companies. Upward Mobility. At the College our training support officers will help you find your work placement.

Those on the scheme must be 16 or years-old Young people with a disability are eligible up to years-old and those from an in-care background up to years-old. As an apprenticeship you are employed as full-time members of staff and typically work for an employer four days a week. Brickwork may be offered under both the Training for Success and Apprenticeship scheme.

Once you apply we will help you to choose the right level that suits you. Brickwork will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge designed to prepare you for entry into the trowel trades and the construction industry.

Firm foundations for your career

Will I complete a work placement? The College is committed to ensuring that all trainees benefit from the opportunity to undertake work placement through Training for Success programmes. An apprenticeship in brickwork combines the practical hands-on experience of the workplace with the knowledge and understanding and practical skills gained in the college classroom and workshops. Training for Success: Continuous assessment continuous throughout the course of practical workshop and theory tasks. This will be presented as a portfolio of evidence. Practical aspects of the course are examined by an overall practical end test.

Theory is tested at the end of each unit by an online, multiple choice exam.

BRICKWORK: Champion apprentice finished 3rd in competiton

There will also be an externally set multiple choice exam. You can become your own boss, hire other bricklayers as part of your own bricklaying gang — and even progress further, with a successful career in the building and construction industry. For more information on Australian apprenticeships in bricklaying, or about our Work Ready Programs, call us on 66 44 September 23rd, Become a Bricklayer No Comments.

During a recent field visit, our industry engagement officer Jacqui Breeuwer at Become a Bricklayer had the opportunity to meet a very talented Bricklaying teacher at VIC Poly — Michael Cations and his cute little two year old son — Billy Future Brickie.

Michael specialises in traditional hand-crafted wood ovens and fireplaces, and runs his […]. Read more.

Requirements and prospects

September 9th, Become a Bricklayer 1 comment. One of the biggest pleasures I have in this job is seeing young people from a whole variety of different backgrounds, levels of education and capabilities, grow into brilliant Apprentices and Fantastic role models for industry.

September 6th, Become a Bricklayer No Comments. July 2nd, Become a Bricklayer 1 comment.